Friday, January 13, 2012

A Team Cul de Sac Book update: Go ahead, laugh at Parkinson's Disease

Team Cul de Sac, a project to raise money for Parkinson's research will bring out its book in June! The effort, helmed by the formidable Chris Sparks, is a book of cartoons that are a tribute to Richard Thompson, creator of the strip "Cul de Sac". Thompson is a cartoonist's cartoonist, and person with Parkinson's Disease. Contributors include Pat Oliphant, Garry Trudeau, Bill Watterson and a host of other extraordinary talents. You can find photos of much of the work here, including a portrait of Cul de Sac character Petey Otterloop by the reclusive Bill Watterson. The profits go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. This has been a massive labor of love for Chris, and you can buy a special edition, if you're quick, by going here here It is rumored that the book will contain the image below, attributed to an obscure cartoonist who lives far, far away.


Tony Allen said...

Hello Peter,
I have to check my RSS feeds more often .... I missed the TeleHealth seminar on PD and music. However, I did see your comment that gave the archive URL, so I'll watch it there. It's not up on that website yet, though.
Thanks again for all you do, and best wishes,
Tony Allen (upright bass and dobro, in Saskatoon SK Canada)
BASSISTS ... proudly holding down the bottom end.
DOBROISTS ... always sliding in when you least expect them.

Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

Hey Tony, I just figured out something brilliant that I bet you already knew: Corb Lund is one worthy cowboy. Am I right, or am I right?