Friday, April 5, 2024

PDS on PBS II Cross post from "Frozen Grin"

  Here is a link to a story about my struggle to draw with Parkinson's Disease. the story is from "The Daily Cartoonist" a Web journal concerning the world of professional cartooning. It was occasioned by the release of the documentary "Matters of Mind, My Parkinson's" which follows three families and their efforts to cope with PD. The show is part of the PBS Independent Lens series, and will be broadcast nation-wide this coming Monday, April 8th. You can find  the broadcast time in your area by checking the listing in your local PBS station's Web site. You should also be able to stream the film at your leisure following the broadcast through the PBS app which you can download here.

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Matter of Mind, My Parkinson's, PBS Looks at PD and PD-S

Here is a short trailer for the PBS documentary "Matter of Mind, My Parkinson's. It follows the attempts of three people and their families to cope with the progressive, disabling and incurable neurological condition. The film won the Audience Choice Award for documentaries at the recent San Francisco Film Festival, possibly due to a scenery-chewing performance by yours truly in the role of "Guy From Up In Alaska Somewhere Who Has Parkinson's." Or possibly because it is a well-made true tale of hope sort of triumphing over long odds. You can decide for yourself on April 8th, when it will be broadcast nation-wide on the PBS Independent Lens series. #ParkinsonsDisease #Documentary #StructureFilms. #hope #DBSSurgery

Thursday, January 11, 2024

PDS on PBS: Matters of Mind, My Parkinson's

On April 8th PBS will broadcast a documentary focusing on three people with Parkinson's Disease, a boxing instructor, an optician and a cartoonist who lives far, far away. The filmmakers animated a couple of my illustrations done for "My Degeneration" and spent many hours with Pam and me. The movie is about resilience and hope in the face of a progressiuve, incurable and disabling disease. You can find the facebook page for the film here