Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Research Opportunity: Florida State Questionnaire on Satisfaction With Parkinson's Treatment

Research opportunity: If anyone is interested in helping a Florida University student who is collecting information on patient and care giver satisfaction with Parkinson's treatment, they can do so by filling out the questionnaire found here

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Rest in Peace, Sherri Hadley, A Woman Who Did Not Go Quietly

Sherri at last Summer's Potluck
Hello friends, It is my sad obligation to notify you of the loss of one of the members of our support group, Sherri Hadley. This news comes from her friend, Michele Champion, who wrote yesterday, "Sherri Hadley died peacefully last night. She was not alone and several of us had been keeping vigil for many days. She was not in pain. I know that the support group was very important to her because when she began to drop activities, she always wanted to come to the support group. You all meant so much to her. I will thank you,  as I know she would, for the love, acceptance and support she felt from all of you.

A memorial service will take place later, either March or April. I will keep you posted."

Sherri led a vigorous life before being afflicted with Progressive Subnuclear Super Palsy, a little-understood disease akin to PD but far more virulent. As a civil engineer, she traveled to remote areas  throughout Alaska overseeing projects to improve the lives of locals. As an Old-Time fiddle player she was known as one of the finest practitioners of that genre in Alaska. As a hard-headed, logical woman, she agreed that the celebration of her life should be held while she was alive, so she could enjoy it. As I wrote three years ago " In one of the neatest tricks since Tom Sawyer attended his own burial service, Sherri Hadley went to her own celebration of life. The celebration took the form of a bittersweet and raucous Old-Time Fiddle jam. It was attended by musicians from across the state ... Sherri did not retreat into denial. Instead she made a memory for herself and for her large circle of friends that will be a comfort to all who took part. The memory I will take with me is of a woman brave enough to not let imminent death rob her of joy. Bravo, Sherri!"

I was told later that it was the biggest Alaska gathering of Old-Time musicians in living memory. 
There is video of the celebration here

You can read more about the party, and about Sherri in an article that appeared here in the Anchorage Daily News.

Sherri bore her difficulties with courage and grace. Her circle of friends was amazing, and a testament to her qualities as a person. She lived a unique and beautiful life, and it is good to know she had her friends at hand to see her through to the end.
Bravo Sherri, indeed.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Anchorage Parkinson's Support Group Meeting for February

Hello hardy northern Parkspeople, there will be a meeting this Saturday of  the Anchorage  Parkinson's Disease Support Group. The topic will be humor and Parkinson's Disease.  Everybody bring at least one funny story to tell concerning Parkinson's Disease. What's that you say? There's nothing funny about Parkinson's? Well I disagree. You don't believe me? Then come to the meeting this Saturday the 16th of February, 3:30 in the Tundra Lounge on the fifth floor of the gracious and stately Anchorage Pioneer Home and I'll prove it! You've been warned!