Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Coming Soon to a Location Near You (If You Are Near Anchorage)

Here comes the next telehealth seminar. It's Parkinson's and music therapy. Learn how music is being used as therapy to address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs. It will be presented by Bill Dluhosh, MT-BC Music Therapist. The broadcast can be seen here in Anchorage on January 9, at 1:00pm, Look for this event in room 2401 at 1:00 p.m. in the Providence oncology wing. Go to the second floor walk down the lonnnnnnnng hall that stretches South from the cafe and look for room 2401 pretty much at the end of the hall on your right, not far from the statue of Mary in the nook at the end of the Hall. We will have our regular meeting on the 20th, fifth floor of the Pioneer home, 3:30, subject to be announced.


Guitar Man said...

Peter, As a musician with Parkinson's, I can vouch for the value of singing and playing instruments. Singing is a great exercise for maintaining a normal volume in the voice and also great for strengthening the breathing apparatus. Also, playing an instrument helps to maintain strength in the hands and agility for daily living needs such as dressing, eating, writing, etc. Music is a great therapy emotionally for the heart of the patient who has faced so many loses and disappointments. I personally have benefited as a lifelong musician and I have not quit playing and singing in spite of the struggle, as you know as a blogging friend. Thanks for encouraging these activities.

Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

Thanks Dan, I admire you for sticking with the guitar. I still play and the results vary from passable to deeply frustrating. One thing that proved fruitful was concentrating more on slide. I think because it is less complex than fingering with my left hand it's eaier to play at an interesting level. Similarly, I've found that I enjoy the mandolin which , while it has eight strings they are all doubled so it is like playing four. Less unconscious stuff to multi-task on. If you are interested I believe that you can see the telehealth conference online. I will see if I can scare up the URL for you. Best, Pete

Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

Dan, here is a site with online telehealth archives