Thursday, March 16, 2017

March 18th Support Group Meeting, Preventing falls

We're going to meet the heck out of this week's meeting. You ask "What's on the agenda, Pete? Or is this going to be another of your last-minute improvisations, like the time you led a two-hour discussion of the topic 'Pachyderms and Parkinson's, a tragedy not waiting to happen'"?

Well, glad you asked. We will have a roughly 30 minute presentation on falls and their prevention. This is a topic of critical interest, as falls can lead to drastic impairment and even death from complications for people with Parkinson's. So you have a simple choice: Come to the meeting or face a journey into the great beyond.

No pressure.
See you there, the usual time and place, 3:30 Saturday (the 18th) in the upper reaches of the Anchorage Pioneer Home, the 5th floor West lounge.

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Docww said...


I read about your battle with Parkinson's disease in the magazine Pharos that is sent to all Alpha Omega Alpha members, essentially those who graduated in the top 5% of their medical school class.

I am a Family Physician with a special interest in the connection between diet and brain function. Over the years I have also collected various safe ways to preserve and improve brain function as we age or face brain disorders. I would be happy to share this information with you and others in your group if you are interested in doing so.


William (Bill) L. Wilson, M.D.
Beverly, MA