Sunday, May 3, 2015

Off and On, The Alaska Parkinson's Rag, Named One of the Top Parkison's Blogs for 2015

Once again Healthline, a Web site devoted to increasing patient well-being through the dissemination of  information has chosen Off & On as one of the top  Parkinson's Disease Blogs for the year. And 2015 isn't even half the way over yet! It's the third time in a row that Healthline has bestowed this honor on this raffish little Alaska-generated blog.
parkinsons best blogs badge  

Here is their statement about including Off & On: "The blog is an addictive mix of posts that showcase the author’s artistic talents, cutting-edge wit, and easy-to-digest data on the science and medicine surrounding Parkinson’s Disease."

There was no entry submitted, the Web Site apparently searches for blogs and judges which ones best meet their standards. Then they drop you a note about being selected. It's a nice surprise, and an honor.

There is a list along with short descriptions of each of the 14 blogs named to the list   here.

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