Friday, December 30, 2011

Zap! Pow! FZZZZZT!! Daring UFO rescue of Parkinson's Patient. Pushing Ahead With the PD Graphic Novel

If Parkinson's Disease does nothing else, it certainly adds drama, No? Click on the image to enlarge.


Tomás Serrano said...

Peter, chapeau! I think your big image is great. I'd like see it in an animated short. I'm sure you thought of it before: your serie like an animated story.
BTW, happy new year. Here we'll come in tne hours before: maybe I can tell you how it comes...

Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

Tomas, many thanks for the encouragement. It inspires me to try to hold myself to a higher standard.
Best wishes for the new year, and good health to you and your family.