Saturday, January 8, 2011

Want to Help make an Inspirational Documentary About A Parkinson's Patient?

The movie trailer above is for an unfinished documentary about a South Dakota man who has advanced Parkinson's Disease. He still rides his bike (a sleek three-wheel recumbent) as he commutes to his bakery. Now he plans a ride 300 miles across South Dakota to inspire others with PD, and without it.

The documentary makers are raising money through Kickstarter. The filmmaker, Andrew Rubin recently wrote me to say "The film is endorsed and working with the National Parkinson Foundation, the Davis Phinney Foundation, LSVT Global, and other organizations. Our Executive Producer Stephen Nemeth has produced a vast range of socially conscious films such as Academy Award nominated War/Dance, Fuel, Flow and more. Finally, we are fiscally sponsored by the International Documentary Association a 501(c)(3) arts organization. "

If all this seems bona fide to you, and you would like to help get the film finished, click here to learn more.


bob kuhn said...

Now that is an inspiring man! Jjust the trailer is great. Let's get behind this guy.


Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

Hey Bob, If you would like to help, I'm sure they would love a post on Positively Parkinson's. Not that you haven't thought of that already... :)

Ride with Larry said...

Thanks so much for your promoting "Ride with Larry!" We appreciate your support so much.

@Bob Thank you for your kind words!
@Peter We'd love a post! ;-)