Monday, January 31, 2011

February PD update for Anchorage

Hello friends. Here is what I know about the local PD scene for February. The telehealth seminar will happen on Feb 14. the topic: Gamma Knife surgery, when DBS is not an option. Everyone who is familiar with the Gamma Knife procedure, raise those hands. Great. I will see the rest of you at the presentation. It takes place at 1:00pm, Providence Hospital room 2401. For the curious, you can look here for a basic outline of what Gamma Knife is.
Our Feb 19th monthly meeting will be an audience participation deal. Think of your best PD-related story, something that you experienced as a result of your PD that really made you think, laugh, get mad or get smarter about PD. This will be a great chance to exchange PD lore and expertise among the group. Regale us with your tale! I hope to see (and hear) you this February.

For caregivers, I believe Betty will be on hand to lead you in a separate session.

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