Wednesday, September 8, 2021

The Parkinson's Games, Billed as the Parkinson's Olympics, Scheduled for the Netherlands 2022

In a development that came as a complete surprise to me, I got an email from a promoter of something called the Parkinson's Games, taking place in the Netherlands next year. It bills itself as the Olympics of Parkinson's Disease. That's the 50 yard festination  and the dyskinetic Decathalon? No, it will be made up  of events like Badminton, ping-pong, basketball (3x3), boxing, curling, darts, duathlon, golf, bocce, spinning, squash, tennis, football (soccer) and swimming, according to its Web Site. The event is set for August, 2022.

While the organizers seem to have plenty of ambition, they are a bit short on actual competitors. The promoter asked me if I could think of just one person who would consider taking part. They are definitely scouring the planet for participants, as shown by the fact that they went to the length of contacting me. 

I asked about the qualifications an athlete would be required to have and was told that a note from a "physio/ neuro/ nurse stating they can partake" is all that is required to qualify. 

It occurred to me this might be a scam, but the Web Site and other documentation seem real enough. I did a little digging and am satisfied this is a bona fide, grass roots Parkinson's production So I bring it to your attention, as a possible opportunity to participate in an awareness-raising activity regarding PD and exercise, and your best opportunity to medal in an international athletic competition. You can learn more and register for the event at the Web site. The games are afoot!  


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