Thursday, July 5, 2018

Our July Support Group Meeting: Annual Parkinson's Pinic


Summertime, and the livin' is easy... unless you have Parkinson's Disease, in which case the livin' is difficult, no matter what the season. It is however, easier than the livin' in Winter, and that calls for a celebration. But how to acknowledge this season of nature's bounty and torrid 80 degree heat? I know, let's have a potluck! It's fun, low-stress, and more important, it's a tradition. So, without further hemming and hawing, throat clearing and fidgeting, preambles, introductions or brief remarks, I am happy, proud, pleased, pumped, excited, psyched, thrilled to the gills and grateful to announce the social event of the season, The Annual Anchorage Parkinson's Disease Support Group Official Summer Picnic Potluck Pig-Out (TAAPDSGSPPP-O) will take place Saturday, July 21, 3:30 p.m. at the ever-popular Singing Fiddle Ranch, a.k.a Pete and Pam's (Lower) Hillside Hide Away, or, more simply "Our House".


Who am I to tell you what to bring? it's a freakin' POTLUCK, for the love of mud. You bring whatever you would like to share, and we will silently judge you for your taste in, well, food. We will provide bread, cold cuts, cheese, cups, festive paper plates, copious napkins and flatware, some starter beverages and a warm welcome. You supply the amiable company and the rest of the edibles. What could possibly go wrong, aside from light head injuries like last year?

If you are really stuck on the question of what to bring, consider foods that are healthy for those of the Parkinson's Persuasion. See my blog post about a Parkinson's approved diet here


To find our house is simplicity in itself. Go by your chosen mode of transportation to the intersection of Abbott and Elmore roads. (near Service High) Head South on Elmore road to find our place, 9601 Elmore Road, about a quarter mile on. Look for the long driveway to our single story ranch-style house with a green metal roof, on your left about halfway up a small hill, just past a largish house with a chain link fence. We have ample parking, so come on over! Questions? (907) 350-9691.

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