Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Oct 21st, a Halting Talk on "My Degeneration" at Providence Hospital

I will be giving a halting, slurred speech about my book-length comic "My Degeneration" this Saturday, October 21st at the Adaptive Abilities Fair put on by the local MS organization. My talk begins at 10:00 am and goes for about an hour, including the Q&A at the end. I will have a number of books available for you to pick up, thumb through, put down, then pick up again and finally buy. And yes I will be happy to deface their crisp, clean pages with my damn near illegible signature. The venue is the Providence Health Park, 3851 Piper St., Tower U Rms 2281 & 2285


Patient-Online said...

Hey Peter, I am so glad to hear you sharing your great book and art talent in this way. I truly wish I could be there. I understand the haulting speech issue-- but then you have so much worth hearing that listening more fully is worth the effort, to be sure! I wish you well. I have a copy of your book, but I would love to buy a signed version from you sometime. Take care Pal, Dan at wewillgoon.com

Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

Hi Dan, as it turned out, the big SNAFU was technical, We could not get the set-up at the venue to talk to my machine. So I did it old school, with a white board and a copy of my book to prompt me. Fortunately I had practiced it enough that most of it flowed just fine. Whew!

I hope that you are continuing to respond to your DBS. At least you are doing well enough to check in here, which is much appreciated. Keep on keepin' on, Peter