Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Parkinson's Awareness Facebook Chat April 22

What is a Parkinson's awareness facebook chat? I don't know, but I guess I'll find out when I participate in this one as an "expert" moderator. How did I qualify for that? Like many Parkinson's matters (what causes PD? How exactly does DBS work? What is the wing beat of an unladen swallow with Parkinson's Disease?) we, the experts, aren't quite sure. But my policy when someone offers me the chance to do something new is to at least try it if it seems remotely possible. So when the Website Healthline (full disclosure: Healthline has twice picked this very blog as one of the best PD blogs, Universe-wide) asked me to be a moderating "expert" I swallowed hard (hey, I've got PD, whenever I swallow, it's hard,) and said "yes."

Here is a description from Healthline of the upcoming event "In honor of Parkinson's Awareness month, we will discuss with experts how to cope with Parkinson's disease and the future of Parkinson's care. We'll hear from medical professionals specializing in Parkinson's Disease and patients to understand their perspective of the disease. Join us Wednesday April 22nd for the conversation!"

If you want to try something new, you can sign up to participate here. You'll find biographies of the expert moderators on the linked page, and a place to give your email address for instructions on how to join in and an alert to remind you of the whole shebang. Part of the answer to the question posed above is the chat will be whatever we make of it. You can make it better by joining in.

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