Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Parkinson's Forecast for Anchorage and Vicinity for November

​Hello one and all, here's the Parkinson's Disease roundup for the merry month of November. The word from the Parkinson's​
​ Resource center is that we will not have a telehealth broadcast in November. The program will return on December 9th. The topic for that day will be "laughter MAY be the best medicine". Stay tuned for more as details emerge. For the November meeting on the 16th, I'm trying to get the assistance dog people to come. If they do come, we'll see if we can get them to sit, and speak. So far, they are just playing dead.
And finally, put this bee in your bonnet. I have been the alleged ringleader of the support group for eight years now. It has been a tremendous experience. But I am losing the fire in my belly. It is time for someone else to leap into the breach and lead us to a brighter tomorrow. If you've been thinking to yourself lately that the meetings seem a little flat and that there is more that the group could be doing, that is a sign that you may have what it takes to be the next Parkinson's Poobah here in Anchorage. 

It's not a complicated position. Just a matter of setting up a monthly meeting, getting the word out, and being  resource/liaison to the local community and to the PD world at large. The position comes with some unique privileges. You get to work with some terrific people, and in the course of carrying out the various functions of this office, you will be the person through whom the information flows about the latest developments in the world of PD.
If you have an interest in this, shoot me an email or let me know at the next meeting, which, as noted above, will be November 16.


Anonymous said...

Peter, My 64 yr old brother-in-law has been diagnosed for over 20 yrs. He did a bike ride/documentary that is currently playing in film festivals and starting to build up steam on the Parkinson's awareness circuit. It might be something for your group..also he would really like your blog. Please check out the trailer on the internet. "Ride With Larry". We went across South Dakota on 3 wheel recumbent bikes and visited Parkinson groups along the way to demonstrate the use of bikes as a life extension tool and a drug enhancement tool for patients. I was just the GPS trail blazer. The movie is garnering "most inspirational" awards..but I think it should be -most informative.

Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

Thanks for taking part in a project that carries an important message for those of us who suffer from this disorder. Not only am I aware of this movie, I backed it on Kickstarter when they were looking for funds to finish it. Which I see they did. (I have embedded the trailer as a new entry on the blog)
I am now hoping to get my Kickstarter backer's premium of a film DVD I hope to share with my PD fellow travelers in the Anchorage Parkinson's Support Group. This brings me to a question: If the movie is done, when do I see my copy of the DVD?