Monday, April 1, 2013

The Book Project Lives

Long-time followers of this  blog may recall that way back when, I reported that I had finished the manuscript for a book. The manuscript was in the form of a "Graphic Novel", which is a somewhat more respectable term for what most people call "Comic Books". At least, I thought it was in that form. What it really was, for the most part, was a blob, a mass of ideas that were  held together in a big sticky amorphous slug of batter. Miraculously, an editor at an academic press saw something in that wad of words and pictures, contacted me, and asked if I would rework the thing. So I have been organizing it and revising it into a form other people can digest. I hope.

Once the thing is revised, I will resubmit the work to the publisher. The editor is working with me to overcome the reservations they had. Their criticisms have been helpful, and I believe it will be a much stronger work. I hope to have the revision finished in a couple of months. Here are a few revised pages, your thoughts are welcome. Click on images to make them bigger.


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