Friday, February 22, 2013

Spot the Parkie #10


Adele said...

oh my God, Peter. Imagine if it did have pity or any other indications of having a mind. As it is, it is devastating. If it chose its targets. if it were not bad luck but the result of a decision, I would have to start believing in demons.


Patient-Online said...

Peter, The drawing in this one is masterful... the characters, the architecture... not being an artist myself, I can only admire the way you depict these elements. Thank you for again illustrating, literally and figuratively, the struggle that is PD in its many forms.

Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

Adele, We could have a long discussion about demons. Fortunately, that is somewhat off-topic, and we'll give it a pass.

Dan, thanks. I went the full ten rounds with this one, and barely lived to tell the tale.

Anonymous said...

12 years ago when my wife an artist
was diagnosed with PD the Drs. were
then looking at the use of various
chemicals that she was using many
of them paint solvents and other
aromatic paint mediums such as
artists wax as a possible trigger
for her disease.
Getting back to age we have a young
persons PD group at our hospital
and one member was diagnosed at age
12 and is now aged 21 in group the
Neurologists are loathe to start her on Sinemet as she will need
it down the road and don't wish to
start her young.
A few Neurologist's think PD is not
a disease at all as it it so unique
but may be a syndrome of three disorders. We hope for better information in future.

Mike from midtown New Yawk City

Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

Mike, does your wife still make art? Can you post a link where we may see it?

Anonymous said...

If I have a non public email from you I can send you some photo's of her paintings she as well as myself( both artist's) were represented by the Ricco-Maresca gallery in NYC amongst other NY

My wife is not public about her PD
on the WWW although we participate in many public foundations & benefits for PD research as well as the PD walk for the cure in our lovely Central park each April.

She has exhibited at the PS 1 museum
now a part of the Museum of Modern Art.

She continues her painting and all other activities and is
managing her PD quite well .

Greetings from me on the "left coast"


Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

I'd love to see them. is my email. Thanks!