Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dr. Alec Glass, PD Specialist to Continue Serving Alaskans in New Solo Practice

Our visiting Parkinson's specialist Dr Alec Glass has parted ways with the neurology practice he was affiliated with here in Anchorage (Alaska Neurology Center). Dr. Glass plans to continue serving Alaska patients, and as of now is setting up his own office here. If you are a patient of Dr. Glass, and wish to continue seeing him here in town, you may reach him by phone at 1- 800-764-7690 . He anticipates being available for patients by mid-late April.


Dave D said...

Does anyone have any recommendations for or against Dr. Alec Glass? Internet search didn't pull up much. Altho, it did appear his first name may actually be Graham?? Is this the same person? Two months ago I was diagnosed with early on-set PD at age 48. Need to find a neurologist closer to home, i.e. Anchorage, for long term care. Thanks!

Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

Hi Dave, correct, his first name is Graham, but he goes by Alec. I worked along with others to convince him to expand his practice to Alaska, so take that in consideration when judging my view, but I think I will not be contradicted if I say that I found him smart, well-trained, his PD knowledge state-of- the-art, and his care patient-centered. I check with his patients from time to time and generally get confirmation of these impressions. I can't speak directly as a patient, as I am not one owing to of professional reservations he has about treating friends. Life's like that.
Best wishes,


Dave D said...

Thanks, Peter. That helps a lot!
Dave D