Thursday, September 1, 2011

Classes for Alaskans Dealing With a Chronic Disease

Hello friends,

Below is a brief description and contact info regarding a series of classes being put on by the Multiple Sclerosis Center for those of us dealing with Chronic disease.

Better Choices Better Health Living Well in Alaska

This is a Self–Management program for those dealing with
Chronic Diseases. It is a six week course designed to bring
you hope, tools and resources. It will allow you to improve
your health-one step at a time. It begins October 12 and
will meet every Wednesday through November 16th. It runs from 6:00-8:30pm, and will take place at the Alaska MS center, at Providence Hospital. Pre-registration is required and limited space is available. Please RSVP by calling 929-2567 or email us at .


The Alaska Multiple Sclerosis Center (AMSC)
3340 Providence Drive Suite 552 (Tower A)
Anchorage Alaska 99508


ECleary78 said...

Wow... I just read this, and it is bloody brilliant. I cannot wait to show it to David. You really capture the experience of all the feelings we go through. I love the little question marks following you after your diagnosis, the scene with Pam helping you with Photoshop, and your explanation of the flat affect. Also the way you showed the whole "cure in 10 years" thing was SO right on. This is how David and I felt, but we thought we were the only ones! Also, I got a chuckle out of your depiction of Albert's experiment and the Spandex god. In the end, I think my favorite image was the Ogre sitting inside the big NO. How terrifying. Can I post these pages on my facebook? Thank you for all you do Peter. Your journey is definately not unique, but never forget how beautiful and rare it is that you have chosen not to lay down and die because of this diagnosis. It reminds us to do the same.

Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

Hi Elizabeth. I' m so glad that you "get it". As I wrote to your husband it's a big help to know what is working, You are welcome to publish the pages on your facebook page, but please ensure that you include my copyright notice as I hope to dell this as a book at some point down the road. Thank you for the encouragement,