Monday, August 22, 2011

Breaking News! "Dignified Dachshund from Anchorage Hillside" Sweeps to Third Place in Parkinson's Pets Competition.

The voting is over, the people have spoken. The dignified dachshund from the Anchorage Hillside came in third. She wins some Gramma Lucy's dog food and assorted Michael J Fox swag which we expect will make great chew toys. Vienna wishes to thank you all for your unstinting support. It's always a tough road when your legs are only six inches long.

Vienna expects to take a few weeks off to rest, spend some time with family, and pursue her hobby of scratching herself. Although she is disappointed to have slipped in and out of first place to finally finish third, she has not ruled out future electoral possibilities.

"We ran a hard campaign, a clean campaign that we are proud of. We stuck to the issue of my cuteness, and that message obviously resonated with a great many of the voting public." She went on to point out that her campaign attracted national as well as international support and said she would like to send a shout out to her friend Noelle in Great Britain and a big thank you to Roberta Greenberg and the Los Angeles Dachshund play group.

She was quick to congratulate her opponents. She had nothing but praise for first place winner Our Perfect Champion who "not only ran a clean campaign but also well-brushed" And she hopes that Milly will be able to chew her share of the prize dog food without too much difficulty from that nasty under bite.

Meanwhile behind he scenes rumors of a campaign in disarray swirled throughout the day. There were unconfirmed reports that Vienna had fired her one-person campaign staff, complaining of his lackadaisical approach to the campaign. Sources close to Vienna, including her closest friends Shadow and Olive refused to comment, although some reporters quoted Shadow as denying the entire story with a loud "NAYYYYYY!"

More on this story as it develops, if it develops.

Vienna is interviewed on KTUU Television here here

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