Friday, May 20, 2011

Washington Post Interviews Obscure Cartoonist from Far, Far Away, and Famous Cartoonist Nearby About Parkinson's Disease

The Public Relations department here at Off and on and Frozen Grin Industries would be remiss if they did not call your attention to this and, more important, this poignant interview with master cartoonist Richard Thompson, whose Parkinson's Disease emerged as he was right at the top of his game. Thanks to Michael Cavna for his perceptive and wide-ranging look at how Parkinson's affects those it afflicts, and how they deal with it.


ECleary78 said...

Thank you for sharing your interview and the article. I did not know you were diagnosed at 43 or that it was 8 years ago. I'm glad we are in touch as most people I've met online that have YOPD are only a year or two into their diagnosis, and it's comforting to meet someone father down the road, holding up a light for the rest of us to show there will still be ground under our feet. Tomorrow our YOPD groupd meets together for the first time in Dallas. We managed to find 4 couples and I got space at a local hospital for the next meeting, so its looking good :)

Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

That is terrific news about your young onset group! I hope things go well, and that you'll keep us posted.