Friday, April 22, 2011

After 16 Years Incomunicado, "Calvin and Hobbes" Artist Bill Watterson Emerges to Help in the Effort to Stop Parkinson's Diseas

(ABOVE) Portrait of "Cul de Sac" character Petey Otterloop, by Bill Watterson

Here is one more reason to revere Bill Watterson, creator of "Calvin and Hobbes". The reclusive cartoonist has contributed the first piece of art that the general public has seen from him in 16 years to the Team Cul de Sac effort to help the MJ Fox foundation in its efforts to cure Parkinson's Disease.

You can learn more from a Washington Post blogger Michael Cavna Here, or check out the Team Cul de Sac blog here.

Many thanks to Bill Watterson, a guy who knows when and how to break a long silence!


the cheese guy said...

We are just blessed from everyone who has joined Team Cul de Sac! Still a little in shock here......

Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

See what you started, Chris? You and your crazy ideas!


ECleary78 said...

Did Bill ever say why he did this? Is it personal?

Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

That's an interesting question. I think it is out of his admiration for Richard Thompson and his Cul de Sac Strip. Cul de Sac is brilliantly drawn and written and Watterson mentioned that he thinks the character Petey (the subject of his painting) is "an original insight".