Thursday, August 26, 2010

How Would You Like Your Deadly Lizard Venom?

Here's an approach that hasn't yet been tried for Parkinson's disease. And no wonder. Are you ready to warm up to trusting the healing powers of the Gila Monster? Scientists in Britain are developing a treatment for Parkinson's disease that incorporates Gila venom (or a sythetic substitute). They say the stuff works, stopping the cell loss characteristic of the Parkinsonian brain, and even improving symptoms. They cited success in 5 different rodent models of the disease. So once again, exciting news for rats.

For humans, further developments will depend on the results of a small trial being organized in Britain. One hopeful note is that this drug is already in use for diabetics, which means it can at least be used safely in treating humans.

And think of the boasting potential! "I'm a rip-snortin' Parkie with venom in mah veins! The juice of the deadly Gila Monster is mother's milk to me!"

You can have the first taste. No, really, I insist...

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