Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's June, Let's eat!

Hello Friends, Can it be? I think it's... YES! Time for the annual picnic. We've had a year to recover since the last one, so the moment has arrived. Put your best feed forward, and step up to the plate. Once again Pam and I will grill some buffalo, you bring whatever you think you prepare well and enjoy eating- it's potluck roulette at the casino cafe!

Here is the essential information

Who: Anyone with an interest in Parkinson's Disease and an appetite
When: Saturday June 19th, 3:30 in the afternoon
Where: Pam and Pete's palatial Parkie Playground, 9601 Elmore Rd. That's just South of the intersection of Abbott and Elmore Rd.
Please alert us if you plan to come so that we have a rough idea of the amount of food we need.
Questions? Call 350-9691
We hope to see you there!


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