Thursday, March 11, 2010

Upcoming Meeting, March 20

Hello friends

Your support group will meet the 20th of March, 3:30 at the Anchorage Pioneer Home. ATTENDANCE WILL BE TAKEN, and absences and tardies will go down on your PERMANENT RECORD! OK, I'm bluffing, we don't call roll and don't have a clue what has become of our permanent record, let alone yours. But you still want to come to this meeting for two good reasons.

1. Veteran PWP Janet McVey, a retired dietitian who has had PD for over 25 years and is still coping with style and grace will give us a talk on PD and diet.

2. Master Care Partner Betty Berry will lead a separate session for those who care for a person with PD.

Oh, just remembered reason 3: Cookies.

See you there,


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