Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sink Your Teeth Into Parkinson's Disease

My friend Dave, a neurologist with Parkinson's Disease, is always on the lookout for ways the PD populace at large can manage their disease better. One way he thinks that we can take some of the teeth out of the beast is to eat more healthily. (Dave is also a great believer in exercise. I get the impression sometimes that he thinks we should exercise while eating. Have you exercised today? Maybe you should stop reading this and do a few laps around the block.)

Bearing in mind such processes as oxidation and cell death, he went looking for foods that would counter these and other factors that contribute to Parkinson's progression. He found that the best way for people with Parkinson's Disease to eat is to follow the Mediterranean Diet. He just sent me a link to a updated version of the Mediterranean Food Pyramid, which you can find here.

Bon App├ętit!


parkinson illness said...

This disease really sucks ,i mean how bad can someones life get after knowing you have this illness. Thanks a lot for this helpful site.

James said...

My friend has parkinson's disease, it is terrible. He still can't find any parkinson's disease medications ...