Monday, April 13, 2009

(Ahem) Supreme Leader Screws up AGAIN. Announcing a change to our Saturday 18th of April Meeting

Once again friends, I have failed you. One has to ask, "Peter, is this so damn hard?" Sadly, the answer for me appears to be "Duh!" Once again I have made a mockery of your trust, the faith that you so bravely placed in me, and that I have once again abused.

My only consolation is that this has happened with such dreary predictability that I rather doubt that any of you took it seriously when I blithely announced that the fabulous Ann Ver Hoef, Speech Pathologist Extraordinaire would address our hearty band this Saturday. She will be away, and we will reschedule. We still expect Betty to lead a caregivers session, and I will have some adrenalin-fueled surprise topic ginned up for the rest of us by Saturday.

Abashed, abased, but consistent!


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