Monday, March 2, 2009

New Study: Parkinson's unfair to redheads

I'm now officially incensed, put out, torqued off, and furthermore irate. Yes, Parkinson's Disease has finally gone too far. Sure it can ruin your health, your finances, even your handwriting. But many a disease can do the same.

Parkinson's Disease appears to be persecuting a blameless, and frankly, lovable minority. Heads up carrot tops, according to this item posted over at Viartis, (Thanks to Katya for steering me there) we redheads are more prone to PD than those with black, brown, or blond locks

Here's the essence:

"Over 100,000 people were assessed according to the natural colour of their hair when they were young adults. People with black hair were found to be least prone to Parkinson's Disease. People with brown hair were 40% more likely to develop Parkinson's Disease. People with blonde hair were found to be around 60% more likely to develop Parkinson's Disease. Worst at risk were people with red hair, for whom the risk of Parkinson's Disease is nearly doubled."

This freakin' disease is profiling us! My fellow flame pates, it's time to unleash our legendary tempers against this vile condition! We will not be dissed by a disorder. Our time is now! Our path is clear! Redheads of the world, unite, we have nothing to lose but our brains!


Anonymous said...

Interesting. My red-headed father was diagnosed with Parkinson's when in his early 40s. We speculated a lot on the cause (the disease was much less known in 1970), but never linked it to his hair color!

Laura Kennelly said...

My father also had beautiful red hair as a lad. (Or so my mother said.) His Parkinson's symptoms didn't start showing until he was 75--. Well, hell.

Kota said...

My Great Grandpa had brown hair and he had Parkinson's for 14 years and we all think he got it beacuse he was in world war II and we all think he got it from the toxins!

Laura Kennelly said...

I blame toxins too. But he was red-headed. Maybe they are more likely to get it. Whatever, it's an awful disease.

Sister said...

My red-headed brother died at age 38 from PD and had had it for over 10 years by that point. My family finds this new finding very interesting - plus I have red hair and so do all of my nieces and nephews. What a scary thought.

Anonymous said...

My father had brown hair, but when his beard grew out it was red. He died from Pneumonia (complications of his Parkinson's). Ny aunt also had red hair.
I also have red hair. Yikes!