Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our February 21 Meeting: Plan A and plan B UPDATED!

Breaking news from Caregiver extraordinaire Betty Berry. Betty will be available this meeting for a separate session for caregivers. These mini-meetings are highly recommended for partners of people with Parkinson's Disease. A great chance to pick the brain of someone who saw her husband through the entire course of his disease and can offer seasoned advice and comfort to those of you who face this difficult passage. If that isn't reason enough, I might also mention that Betty has been known to bring homemade cookies as well..

What else is up for our February 21 meeting? Glad you asked. We are working on setting up a visit from new neurologist on the Block Dr. Frank Ellenson. Dr. Ellenson is ramping up an ambitious practice at Providence, which will include regular visits from motion disorder specialist Dr. Alec Glass. This will be an excellent chance to hear about how this will work, and what it means for those of us who either cannot or do not want to travel thousands of miles for care from a doctor with extensive Parkinson's Disease training.

If this falls through, we go to plan"B", which is to watch the comedy classic "All of Me" imagining it it as a metaphorical look at PD and how to live with it. There are uncanny similarities between the predicament of the hero and things we face as we struggle to control our own bodies. Not to mention that it's hilarious, and I don't know anyone out there who doesn't need a good augh. As I've said before, Parkinson's takes too much from us as it is, I'm not giving up my sense of humor!

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