Sunday, December 28, 2008

Why I'm looking forward to 2009: Good news for Alaskans with Parkinson's Disease

Hold me back!

It's all I can do to restrain myself from from typing the following news in all capital letters, followed by multiple exclamation points. Why am I so jazzed? Because it looks like we are getting very close to what I thought was an impossible dream. We hope to bring up a Parkinson's Disease specialist to see patients here in Anchorage on a quarterly basis.

His name is Dr. Alec Glass. Dr.Glass works as a Parkinson's specialist at University of California San Francisco, I will post a look at his training at the bottom of this update.

How close are we?
Here is an excerpt from an email he recently sent.

"I have submitted my application for an AK license which should be processed in early 2009—hopefully!... I am excited to kick this off and hope that we can improve PD care for patients up there."

This is a terrific opportunity for Alaskans to see a first-rate, well-trained and personable neurologist without the hassle and expense of traveling thousands of miles to find expert care. Which brings up the following concern: Dr. Glass will need enough patients to make this worth the effort and cost. This is where you come in. How do you make an appointment? Dr. Frank Ellenson is the local neurologist who will be hosting Dr. Glass. So, any of you who could benefit from this please arrange a visit through Dr. Ellenson's office. You will likely need a referral from your current provider.

A big thank-you to all involved in getting us to this point. I especially need to single out our visiting support group member Joanne Power, who got this ball rolling.

In conclusion,just let me add WOOOOO-HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the contact info:

Alaska Neurology Center. 3851 Piper Street Suite T345. Anchorage AK 99508. 1-866-977-2562 Phone/Fax.
Alaska Neurology Center can be contacted through their web site.

Here is more information on Dr. Glass.

Current Position

September 2006- present Assistant Clinical Professor of Neurology


1993-1997 Trinity University, San Antonio B.A. Cum Laude,Psychology

1997-2001 University of Texas, San Antonio M.D.

2001-2002 Tufts-SEMC, Boston Intern Internal Medicine

2002-2005 Tufts-NEMC, Boston Resident Neurology

2005-2006 Mayo Clinic, Rochester Fellow Movement Disorders

Certification & Licensure

2005. Medical Licensure, Minnesota
2006. Medical Licensure, California
2007. ABPN Board Certification, Neurology

Honors and Awards

2004 AAN travel award for outstanding resident teacher.

1997 Cum Laude with Departmental Honors

Scientific Society Roles and Memberships


2001-present American Medical Association

2001-present American Academy of Neurology

2005-present International Movement Disorders Society

2007-present American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Service to Professional Organizations:

2005-present Member, Ethics committee, American Academy of Neurology

Keywords/Areas of Interest:

Parkinson’s Disease, Movement Disorders, Dystonia, Botulinum Toxin, Tremor, Deep Brain Stimulation, Electrophysiology of Movement Disorders

Professional Activities

Clinical Care, Movement Disorders: I see patients with various movement disorders including Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, myoclonus, tremor and more unusual movement disorders 4 half-days per week. . Additionally I spend 3 half days per month in the Botulinum Toxin lab in which Botulinum therapy is administered for dystonia, spasticity, and sialorrhea. One day per week is spent seeing patients with various sleep disorders in the UCSF Sleep Disorders Clinic at Mount Zion. One day per month is spent in the clinical Movement Disorders electrophysiology laboratory in which surface and needle EMG are used in conjunction with various other modalities in the evaluation of various complex movement disorders (myoclunus, non-routine tremors) Finally, I assist in the care of patients treated surgically for Parkinson’s disease, dystonia and tremor.


Dan said...

How has it worked out with the quality, new neurologist? I have just discovered your blog and we have so much in common. I do actually have a Parkinson's Plus Syndrome, but there is much overlap of symptoms. I am down here in So Cal and have a blog on PD Plus and faith-- dealing with the losses with hope. I lead a support group in our area. Check my blog out and I will link yours for future contact. Take care.

Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

Thanks Dan, I admire your blog, and appreciate the link. I have linked to you from my links section. I hope that leads others to your inspiring site.
To answer your question, Dr. Glass has made one visit, and we are off to a promising start. Word is that the practice he is collaborating with is looking to start a similar visiting specialist program for MS patients as well. So the early notices are favorable. I have confidence that this wil grow into something that benefits patients for quite some time.

Best regards,