Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Coming Attractions: Anchorage Parkinson's-o-Rama!

Hello friends. Here's what's coming in the near future:

Tomorrow, JUNE 19th Dr. Susie Ro will give a talk on non-motor aspects of PD. The APDA folks in Seattle tell me that "In case you are not familiar with her, Dr. Ro is a fellowship-trained movement disorder specialist who gives a great presentation on the non-motor manifestations of PD. When Dr. Ro has given this talk in the past, she covered the major non-motor symptoms that can be associated with PD: cognitive changes, sleep disturbance, depression, speech changes, constipation plus a few others. The information is presented from the perspective of creating awareness for the patient so that they can seek appropriate treatment if they recognize any symptoms. She also tries to broaden awareness that PD is much more than simply a disease with motor symptoms. I can't say enough good things about her." This event will be at the new Cancer Center on the Providence campus. The Cancer Center is located off of 36th, to the West of the main complex, and East of Lake Otis Blvd. Look for the Media Center Room 2281 U-Tower, Providence Cancer Center

We have another presentation from a visiting movement disorders specialist July 9. Dr Elmer will speak on "Parkinson's 2008: The NEXT Revolution in Therapy." This is another effort from the APDA in Seattle to do outreach to we far-flung northern PWP.

We are also looking forward to meeting with Dr. Alec Glass of San Francisco, who is very interested in enhancing care for Alaska Parkinson's patients. This will entail a special meeting around July 26 or 27.

Whew! Hope to see all of you at all of these functions. Oh! Which reminds me, I will not be at the meeting this weekend, but people are welcome to meet as usual at the Senior Center to have an informal session.

Your humble, yet indefatigable Pooh-Bah,


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