Monday, May 26, 2008

The best advice you'll ever ignore

If you could ask a smart, well-trained Parkinson's Disease specialist one question, What would it be? I was in a position to do that recently thanks to my friend Dr. Mary DeMers, who arranged for Pam and me to attend a talk from Dr. Stewart Isaacson, Director of a movement disorders clinic in Boca Raton. Dr. Isaacson was in town to educate the local medical community about developments in Parkinson's care.

As the designated Parkie, I wondered how to get the most bang for my question buck. I wanted something simple and powerful that I could take back to my support group. So I asked something along the lines of: "What is the one thing that your patients could do to cope better with PD that they don't do?"

Without hesitation, the doctor shot back an answer. I expected a reply that might have something to do with managing our pills, or informing ourselves about our disease. Nope. His reply was one word.

What he said was...

(Are you ready?)

What he said was....

(Got a pencil? you may want to write this down!)

What he said was...

(and I quote)

What he said was...

(WARNING: You're not going to like this.)

What he said was....

(OK, here it is.)

What he said was: "Exercise."

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