Sunday, March 9, 2008

APDSG: Our next meeting March 15

Hello friends, we will have our regularly scheduled meeting this coming Saturday, March 15. There is no speaker, and I think it's time for yet another of our "We're the Experts" tip-swapping sessions. Let's all come with one trick or bit of info that you have found helpful in your struggles with PD that others may not know about. An example of the kind of thing I am thinking about is Lita's great tip that regular gum-chewing can help with speech and swallowing difficulties. I've been chewing gum ever since I learned this, and I have yet to shut up. Ask Pam.

In other news, efforts to bring up a motion disorder specialist to give some ongoing education classes to local medical professionals are coming along. We have a well-trained doctor who practices with the VA and a the neurological division of UC San Francisco who is eager to come. II put him in touch with the doctor who is in charge of "Grand Rounds" the education effort for multiple hospitals here. Stay tuned for further developments.

And while we're on the subject of bringing in medical expertise on PD, I am psyched to pass along this from the APDA Seattle office:

The Washington Chapter of the APDA and Teva pharmaceuticals are still very interested in bringing patient education programs to Anchorage
Right now, we have a tentative schedule – and I will firm this up as soon as more info is available.
July 8, 9th – Lawrence Elmer, MD Neurologist from the Cleveland Clinic
September 19, 20th – Susie Ro, MD Neurologist from Swedish Hospital

Looking forward to seeing all of you next Saturday,


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