Saturday, January 19, 2008


Greetings to all with an interest in Parkinson's Disease. My name is Peter Dunlap-Shohl, and I lead a support group for people with Parkinson's Disease, their care partners and families in Anchorage, Alaska. (A note to the power-hungry, I am actively soliciting coup d'etats to my regime, send me your takeover plans, while I peruse brochures for sunny havens for ousted strongmen. No reasonable offer refused)
This is my my latest attempt to set up an interactive meeting place for those of us coping with a movement disorder in a city that often seems to have movement disorder problems of its own. You can see perfectly able people falling down here all winter, let alone those of us with balance impairments.

I'll post meeting schedules, agendas, speakers that are coming, and other items of interest. I hope that others will chime in, and we will have a clearinghouse here of our shared savvy about coping with this affliction.

This will be as interesting as we as a community make it. I know you're out there, Think loud and sound off!


ps: As a cartoonist, I plan to post drawings here regularly that deal with PD. As soon as I figure out the tool to do this.

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