Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Southcentral Alaska Parkinson's Forecast for December

Peter D-S here with the Parkinson's forecast for December. Looks like we can expect mild to moderate Parkinson's activities for the dark month of December. Heaviest activity expected, next week with a Telehealth presentation of the Tremble Cleffs (REALLY!) singing holiday songs and an account of experiences at the second World Parkinson's conference in Glasgow. Look for this event at Providence Hospital room 2401 Dec. 13 at 1:00. The following Saturday, the 18th of December3:30 at the Pioneer Home, we will have our annual Holiday potluck. Pam and I will bring something main dish-like, everybody else bring something tasty of your choosing.

Looking into January, we will have a special presentation from my buddy Jim Kerr, who will give us tips on balancing. Jim teaches juggling (among other things,) and balance is a fundamental.


georgia said...

Will this be in the same room off the cafeteria where we have our meetings?

Parkinson's friend
Georgia Howard

Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

Exactly so. I hope to see you there. Holiday best,