Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Closing the Year on a High Note. International Cooperation to Help People with PD

Okay, I admit the "International Cooperation" heralded in the clickbait hed above was just me and one French guy, but dagnabbit, we must start somewhere! It began when with a note from Monsieur Jean-Louis Dufloux seeking permission to use an old but redoubtable cartoon I drew (Yes, it's this one.) to illustrate a chapter of the manuscript he is finishing on Parkinson's Disease.

A bit of banter was followed by my sending a sample illustration based on his summary of a scene from his manuscript. The drawing elicited this request from my new BFF (Best French Friend) M. DuFloux:

"Hello Peter,

If possible for you, I would like to have four more drawings :

the use the repelling aspect of PD as a political weapon. My chapter illustrates the attack on Hill
ary Clinton by Donald Trump’s team during the last Presidential vote
the impact on well-being of l-Dopa at the beginning of the disease, the “honeymoon effect”
something about all the research made by teams in the world, the access to this content through internet, giving hope or disappointment
the impact on sleeping and the terrible wake up.

Tell me if you need more information.
Is it doable?
You can write dialogs, I will translate.
As it turned out, it was possible. The drawings appear below. 


catherine armsden said...

Merveilleux, comme d’habitude, Pierre!

if said...

Eu sigo o Peter como os reis magos seguiam a estrela para encontrar o caminho. Obrigada, Pedro.

Jean-Louis Dufloux said...

Thanks Peter
I agree with you
Being two guys from two different countries is undoubtly an International Cooperation
Greetings from the Mont Blanc Valley ( our small Alaska)

Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

Happy New year Jean-Louis, from Alaska, (Notre grand Mont Blanc.) Peter