Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Anchorage Area Parkinson's Activities For August

Time for a gaze into the mystical, magical, all-seeing, all-knowing orb, the Parkinson's eight ball, for a glimpse of the immediate future. The first thing I see is... there will be no teleconference again this month. The buzz on that is the teleconference will resume in September. So your next Monday is free time!

 We will have a special, bonus meeting on THURSDAY, August 18 at 5:30 in the afternoon, in our usual haunt, the Pioneer Home fifth floor West lounge. This meeting will be an informational presentation by Kendall Cook of Abbvie on their pump-administered Levodopa gel infusion. If you're asking yourself "What the heck is pump-administered Levodopa gel infusion?" you are the perfect candidate to attend this informational  presentation, and get knowed up on this therapy, which just recently was approved by the FDA. The session, with question and answer period, should last about an hour.

You'll want to rest up Friday so as to be ready for our regular meeting the following Saturday, August 20, when we will have a pair of therapists in to talk about the Lee Silverman Big and Loud physical therapy program. Based on the concepts that guide Lee Silverman Voice Therapy, Silverman Big and Loud has been shown to substantially improve symptoms in patients with PD.
That's it for August, be well, and well-medicated,

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