Saturday, April 11, 2015

Penn State Catalog lists "My Degeneration." Also BLURBS!

It appears that the people at Penn State Press are convinced that "My Degeneration" will be published in October. They say so right in their catalog, which also has a short description of the book and five of the finest blurbs ever written. The catalog offers a few different ways to pre-order the book, which you will be desperate to do after reading the blurbs, but the only thing I could get to work was the one that enables an email notification when the book is available. Watch this space for further exciting developments as they break!

It would be a disservice to the fine writers who agreed to read a draft of the book and then had nice things to say about it to not repeat their remarks as often as I get the chance. They appear below, for your interest and with my thanks.

“Peter Dunlap-Shohl once again brings his unique art to the table to help educate, illustrate, and demonstrate life, hope, and strength on his journey with Parkinson’s. Creative and insightful, this book reflects all of Pete’s greatest qualities, including his constant work to help and educate all those in the PD community, patients and care partners alike.”
“Peter Dunlap-Shohl is a comic genius and a masterful artist. The fact that he came down with early-onset Parkinson’s Disease gave him the unlucky opportunity to chronicle this dogged and humorless disease. His wit and artistry, his truth telling in the face of struggle, I know, makes the struggle easier for his readers to bear. Peter is a Rock Star Artist and Humorist. Every disease like Parkinson’s should have someone like Peter Dunlap-Shohl, until there are no more diseases like Parkinson’s left.”
“I could have recommended Peter Dunlap-Shohl’s book because it brings attention to a great purpose. Or because it is brave and honest work. Or even simply to acknowledge an achievement of this magnitude created under physical, psychological, and emotional circumstances that most of us will never understand.

"But I'm not endorsing Peter’s graphic novel for any of those reasons. I'm doing so because this is a damn fine work of art, by a damn fine artist.”
“The world made fresh by a Parkinson’s patient with a wonderfully sensitive and cocked eye. He tells the tale of his fast-changing reality with compassion and wicked humor, leaping from one crazily inventive work of art to the next. Never more acute than when examining his own mind-set, Peter Dunlap-Shohl leads us from diagnosis and despair to the high ground where he could compose this lucid, moving book. A miracle, in a way—and a triumph.”


Anonymous said...

Dear Peter ,
Congratulations on the publication
of your book .
I have not written y'all since 2013
my wife and me will be at the Parkinson's Unity Walk this Saturday
in my hometown New York City.
I will forward your email/blog to
a few fellow PD caregivers & patients.

I would hope people in Alaska would
become as busy as we are in the PD
community here where almost every day
in one of the many hospitals here that treat PD is some event,therapy or lecture ,we are numerous here as
a CVS Pharmacist told me within a
50 miles radius of NYC they have noted some one hundred thousand PD
patients on Sinemet.

All and all int's sadly speaking the
same old Leva Dopa and as you know
better then me for those that can
benefit DBS ,my wife who has the slow
falling form of PD cannot benefit
from DBS.
best regards,
Mike from Mdtown

Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

Thanks Mike, it has been awhile! I'm glad you're still reading and checking in. I'd love to go to the unity walk someday, I'm a big fan of NYC. I wish you and your wife well as you contend with the hand you've been dealt, bless you for your commitment.

Take care,