Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Anchorage Parkinson's Disease Happenings for January

Hi friends, it's January, the start of a brand new year (wild cheering, thunderous applause) with PARKINSON'S DISEASE (furious booing, nasty profanity). What are we going to do about it? Well, there is the continuing telehealth series, for one. The next telehealth broadcast is set for Monday January 13 at 1:00 pm in room 2401 of the Providence oncology wing on Piper St.  Go to the second floor, walk down the lonnnnnnnng hall that stretches South from the cafe and look for room 2401 pretty much at the end of the hall on your right. This time the broadcast will feature Ian Riley, owner of fitness chain Oz Fitness. He will talk about being diagnosed in his early forties, how he copes and manages a demanding business nine years into his diagnosis. Ian likes questions and you are urged to send them in advance in care of Cyndi via center@spokaneparkinson's.org

As is our custom, the regular group meeting will be Saturday, January 18 at the Pioneer Home. You will recall that I recently uttered a pitiful "No mas" to continuing as head of this group, and asked if anyone out there in PD land would be willing to step up and assume the position. Happily, while nobody wanted to be the grand Poohbah of Northern Parkies, several  brave souls volunteered to take some of the load off me. So I will come with a list of things that I do to keep things rolling, and we'll see about who would like to take some of the different chores. Sally Spieker has volunteered to be in charge of getting guests in to talk to us. And the Rineharts have offered to help, too. For which I am deeply grateful. This will also provide a good opportunity to  discuss what you want or need from the group, and how to advance  in a fruitful direction for 2014.
Your ceremonial Head,

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