Saturday, December 7, 2013

Going Pro- Years of Free Labor on the Web about to Pay Off With New Blog Gig

That's right friends, after years of pontificating, complaining, and passing along dubious opinions and thoughts as though they were Gospel, my misbehavior  has resulted in a monthly blogging gig with the Northwest Parkinson's Foundation. My posts will begin in January. I expect that the material I create for them will be similar to what I put up here, except I will be paid for it.

I have resisted past opportunities to make money from this blog as I don't want any questions to arise about who I am beholden to. In writing Off and On, I am and have been accountable soley to readers. In return you have been kind in your comments and your support as followers of the blog. (Which reminds me: Thank you!) I am not worried about being beholden to the NWPF. After ten years experience with them, I have confidence in them as an organization. Plus, they are not paying me THAT much.

I intend to continue Off and On, although I am tinkering with the idea of pushing  it farther into visuals combined with writing. I will post links here to the work I do for NWPF, and they will link back here. If you have topics you think need addressing, I'm all ears. Post a comment to the blog, or email me at

Thanks to readers from around the globe for the precious time you have spent reading Off and On. I hope to continue making it worth your while.


Karen Cameron said...

Peter.........Congratulations ! So glad your writing has been validated and that you might be compensated for the quality of your thoughts.
No one would ever doubt your integrity. Thank you for transforming many individual lives for the better through your contributions. Wishing you the very best. Karen

Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

Thank you Karen. Having Parkinson's is not a choice I would have made. But like imminent hanging, it concentrates thought amazingly. I've done what it was clear to me that I must do. I appreciate your support.