Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday Hyenas at your heel? Here's a way to Restore More Than Your Seasonal Spirit.

As a public service, this blog will lift the holiday stress from your stooped shoulders, bringing merriment and cheer to your desperate and dark season.  Just throw away that list, no need to hunker in line outside the big box outlet in the small hours to fight to the last "Tickle-Me-Elmo".

No more!

There is a better way, a way in which you can do good as you do well by the dear ones on your list.

Here is how. Simply contact Mr. Chris Sparks and order multiple copies of the fabulous Team Cul de Sac tribute to cartoonist with Parkinson's Richard Thompson. For only $35.50, Chris, who organized the project, will inscribe the book for you with his name, hunt up a sturdy box, and mail the book to the address you specify. And what a book, featuring art from Bill Watterson, Gary Trudeau, Lynn Johnston and a heavenly host of heavy hitters from all corners of the cartooning cosmos. For every book you order Mr. Sparks will send $5.00 to the Michael J. Fox foundation. They will put it to the excellent use of humiliating, incapacitating, and finally destroying Parkinson's Disease, burying its shattered corpse under numerous tons of cement and setting wild hyenas loose to patrol the area to ensure that it never again sees the light of day. Now that's what I call the Christmas spirit!

Now you can cross two things off your to-do at once... end Parkinson's and finish your Christmas shopping at the same time! What are you waiting for? (Cue Joseph Spence, singing "Sandy Clor is Coming to Town")

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