Saturday, October 22, 2011

Latest page

Here is yet another new page for the graphic memoir of my Parkinson's experience. I am completing about one page per day. Each page is a series of choices, from what blog posts will work in the comics format to what angle to view the scene from. Other decisions involve how to break up the text into visual moments that lead naturally from one to the next. Then there is the matter of formatting and editing, both for the way the story flows and the nuts and bolts matters such as spelling. Should you notice something amiss, dear reader, do not hesitate to alert me via a comment.


Adele said...

You are so candid and creative. Thank you for writing this. When I saw your dystopia in the airport, I said, "This man knows exactly how I feel." I've been diagnosed with PD since right before I turned 39. I'm 45 now. You are so right, every day is all we have.

Adele Hensley

Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

Hello Adele,

Thanks. It's remarkable the way words+color+lines can cross the gap between distant strangers."Troubles overcome are good to tell" is a favorite saying of mine. To which, in our case, I would add "and troubles shared, as well"

Best wishes,


Adele said...

I see that my computer corrected my spelling. I meant to write the word dystonia. That's what struck me, the way your foot does is the same way mine does off meds.

I do think it is a sad sort of funny that the message still made a kind of sense with the word dystopia.

Thanks for the friendly welcome.