Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sneak Peek: Progress on the PD comic "A Mixed Cursing"

Drawings ©2011, Peter Dunlap-Shohl, Click to enlarge

For years people have been prodding me with the question "Why not turn the blog into a book?" I usually counter-prod with the question "Do we really need another book on Parkinson's Disease?" Then several months ago I ran into two friends, Scott and Julia. Scott is a great fan of graphic novels, which is a highfalutin' term for fancy comic books. We were chatting about "LOGICOMIX" which is,among other things, a comics biography of Bertrand Russell we both read and enjoyed. "You have enough in your blog to turn it into a graphic novel", Julia suggested. I told her I didn't think so. The blog doesn't really amount to a narrative, the drawings aren't connected enough. The whole thing seems like a fragmented, episodic series of observations. Not enough graphic or novel. Or maybe I'm just lazy.

Later I was talking to my friend Steve. Again the dreaded book subject came up. I raised the usual objections. But he may have given me a way to focus that will work. "You treat Parkinson's Disease like an adventure", He said. Hmmmmm. With a massive, Herculean effort, a guy might be able to make that work. I've got about eleven pages so far. They appear above. above, in case anyone is curious.

One reason I have been reluctant to start a project like this is a fear it will interfere with blogging. Then it occurred to me I could post pages here from time to time, neatly killing two flies with one swatter. Page twelve calls, must run...


ECleary78 said...

This is David, Elizabeth's husband. I was diagnosed with PD 9 months ago at age 41. She reads your blog regularly--I'm a little, what's the word, lazier. Occasionally she shares your blog with me and I have to say that you always express yourself beautifully. This morning she came to me and said, "You HAVE to see this!" Your graphic novel about PD captures it BRILLIANTLY! I haven't experienced some of the things you illustrate--yet. But you really take me there in a way that makes me understand your experience and your fight with this disease. My favorite panel is the one with fortune-tellers and the true believers--the whole "10 years to cure!" thing drives me insane. We're going to decode the brain in 10 years? Hahahahahaha!
Anyway, I had to comment and I can't wait for the next installment. I'll look for you on Facebook. And I promise to read more regularly. :) <--emoticon

Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

David, first, sorry about your diagnosis, you are lucky to have such a devoted partner. I suspect that youn've earned this love through a long and respectful love. Good for you both.

Second. thank you for your encouragement and your tagging of the paneld that you find hit the mark. They will help to guide the work as I get farther down the road. And believe methe road looks long from here.

Thanks o muc for the encouragement.

Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

Oh, and third, someday I am going to learn to type,
or at least to proofread more @#$!!! thoroughly.

bruce bartup said...

Absolutely brilliant, Very funny and more true than truth. Highly recommended. Thank you. You have burst through about 10 barriers to social acceptance for me as an early stage patient. Your graphics are the best account to share with friends who are non-sufferers, and i'd even say including older children, that i have ever heard of.

It made me laugh too.

Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

Thank you Bruce. That is more than I could hope for. I guess my work here is done . Up, up, ands away!... Up, ip, and away!... Up up, and... Oh f&@ this f&$¥#%# Parkinson's!